Nonso Amadi Makes Epic Return With New Song “Foreigner”

Nonso Amadi Makes Epic Return With New Song “Foreigner”

Following the release of the 2019 “Free” EP, Nonso Amadi made the conscious decision to step away from social media and pause the release of music — all to take a deeper dive into his artistry and separate from noise and distraction. The Canadian-based Afro-R&B, soul singer, songwriter, and producer from Nigeria, makes an illustrious return to share the new track “Foreigner“.

“Foreigner” showcases Nonso’s duality as a smooth and seductive record that contains African drumlines, trance-like saxophone instrumentation, and is layered with other soulful jazz elements.

Nonso describes the track further, “During the process of creating Foreigner, I was driven by the idea of making a song that addressed both my disappearance from the music scene and the typical love drama my R&B self is typically drawn to making.” Nonso continues, “The way I achieved this was by having the song feel like it has emphatic highs and lows. It starts heavy with the drums and chant, but then it breathes a little in the verses, allowing me to sing calmly about the topics I mentioned earlier before going back to a heavily drum-laid chorus. “

Nonso says that when he came back to music, he felt like he needed to make a strong and groovy return to the scene to express all the feelings he had been holding inside while keeping it light and easy for people to listen to.

Listen to “Foreigner” below:

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