8 ways to keep a long-distance relationship

A significant amount of long-distance relationship issues exist, yet when the two parties involved are focused on making it work, the situation isn’t hopeless.

Long-distance relationships are not easy. I, for one, do not think anyone enters a relationship with the mindset of keeping their partner miles away. If we had our way, we would want to be wrapped in the arms of our partners, night after night.

A lot of things destroy long-distance relationships. From poor communication to unresolved problems, the list goes on. When you don’t make any efforts to keep the relationship going, you become emotionally overwhelmed and eventually end the relationship.

But, we have made a compelling list of ten ways to keep your long-distance relationship going smoothly.

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  1. You have to believe that your long-distance relationship can work. Our mindset plays a major in how much effort we put into anything. If you start the relationship with a “we are never going to pull through this” mindset, it is more likely that the relationship won’t stand the test of time. Believe in your relationship, in your capabilities to make the relationship work. Some couples have referenced the point of long-distance between them as the strongest point in their relationship. Yours can be one too. It is just a matter of time till you are in the arms of your partner again.
  2. Communicate as much as you can. Fortunately, we live in a time when we can have incredible non-stop communication with each other. This is a big plus for those in a distance relationship. Whatever communication method is best for you and your partner, go ahead with it. Some couples think that it is best to talk every day. Examine with one another what works for the overall recurrence and time allotment you will spend messaging, talking, or video calling. Also, be open to altering your communication methods as life makes new and unforeseen requests.
  3. Set an end date for the long-distance relationship. No one should have to stay away from their partner infinitely. You and your partner must agree on how long the distant relationship will last, and how soon you will be in each other’s arms. It gives you something to look forward to.
  4. Do the same things you would have done physically. Don’t make excuses. Want to watch movies with your partner? Plan it on skype. Want to go on a date? Get dressed and make a Zoom call. Utilize the benefits this digital age offers you.
  5. Get rid of the insecurity. Having your partner reassure you of their love for you physically is easier than doing it from miles away. When you start to pester your partner about the possibility of them cheating on you, you turn them off and push them away. This is because your insecurity will push you to call them more often than you usually do, and it will push you to ask questions they are not comfortable with. Be confident in your relationship. Learn to trust your partner.
  6. Set clear boundaries. Setting clear boundaries helps to contain the insecurity we discussed in number 5. You should learn what your partner isn’t comfortable with and act accordingly. You don’t want to have unresolvable issues in a long-distance relationship. Talk to your partner about what they might not appreciate you doing, and reach a compromise when necessary.
  7. Frequently remind your partner about what you love about them and the relationship. Frequently assure your partner of your love for them and the things you are thankful for in the relationship. It helps to clear all doubts and insecurities. Remind them that you love them verbally, as much as you can.
  8. Learn how to address your issues without taking breaks from each other. When we have issues in a physical relationship, we tend to give each other some time apart, probably just to clear our heads. However, this choice of settling arguments is deadly for a long-distance relationship. You must learn to address your partner over the phone without ignoring each other for days. You are already far apart, you don’t want to expand the gap.

Overall, long-distance relationships are not as easy as Netflix makes them out to be. It requires conscious efforts from the people involved. One thing is for sure, long-distance relationships work, as long as you apply these eight ways in them.


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