8 Ways to get out of a toxic relationship

Ending up in a toxic relationship is never anybody’s set out plan. We all want a fairytale relationship with a happily ever after. When the relationship turns toxic, it has an adverse effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing and as such, it can never be a conducive environment to stay in. A toxic relationship should never be managed. For this singular reason, we have put together seven ways to leave a toxic relationship.

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  1. Check yourself. Ask yourself this question: Could my actions have been the cause of this toxic relationship? Most times the other party becomes toxic because of the build up of unexpected actions or behaviours from you. It is time to look inwardly to see if you could adjust a little bit on your behaviour before you make your decisions.
  2. Identify the little indicators. This first step is important because we sometimes mistake the full-blown toxic relationships as occasional couples fight. The little fights that happen between couples are perfectly normal. In fact, making it work through the fights is considered honorable by couples. On the other hand, being constantly criticized, maltreated, shouted upon does not count as an occasional couples fight. If you experience any of these, you should leave the relationship.
  3. Tell a trusted person about your plan to leave the relationship. Depending on how bad the relationship has gone, it is always advisable to discuss your game plan with someone. If your partner has ever made a violent move before, it is not wise to just leave without discussing with someone you trust. Your friends or family members can help you with a place to stay for some time. They will provide you the support you need in a tough time like this.
  4. Cut off every form of communication. Unhealthful relationships can leave you feeling dependent on that toxic partner. It is important to cut off every form of communication, possibly take a break from social media and change your phone numbers. Doing this will help you resist the temptation of calling your toxic partner back to have a conversation. If children are involved and communication is important, make sure to keep it short and direct.
  5. Save money. Leaving a toxic relationship can turn vicious quickly if your partner isn’t willing to part ways amicably. It is important to have money to fall back on at this time.
  6. Give yourself time to heal and go for therapy. The effect of toxic relationships can last a long time if you don’t seek help from a professional. It can affect your relationship with other people and cause you to feel unsafe. Take time to heal and reflect. Spend time with people that truly care about you.
  7. Set boundaries. It is important to set boundaries after leaving a toxic relationship. It will help you to be watchful and prevent you from falling into the arms of another predator.
  8. Focus on self-care. Instead of rushing into another relationship, spend time doing things by yourself. Go on walks, make new hobbies, immerse yourself in work and spend time with family and friends. Recover the parts of you that got lost in that toxic relationship.

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Ultimately, it is never easy leaving a toxic relationship that scarred you and reduced your self-esteem. But, when you follow these seven steps above, you will be up and about in no time. Remember, it is might hurt to leave someone you once considered your world but it is the best decision you will ever make. Get out of that toxic relationship today and get your life back on track.


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