Iyabo Ojo: I was afraid and sometimes depressed and confused as a single mother, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel 

I was afraid, sometimes depressed and confused - Actress Iyabo Ojo reflects on her journey as a single mother

Nollywood actress and mother of two, Iyabo Ojo, took to her Instagram page last night to reflect on her journey as a single mother.

Posting a throwback photo of herself and her children, Festus and Priscilla, alongside a recent photo of them, Iyabo expressed her gratitude to God for helping her pull through with raising her kids alone.

In her post, Iyabo said the year she began the journey into single motherhood, she was always afraid, sometimes depressed, and confused, and that she suffered a lot of anxiety as she began the journey with no direction in sight. She stated that becoming a single mum made her feel like a failure and a loser. However, seeing the outcome of her and her kids, she can only but thank God.

She wrote:

”This year i began my journey as a single mum with no direction…

i was afraid, sometimes depressed, confused, i always had alot of anxiety

I felt like a failure, a loser, i felt i wasn’t good enough, i felt little, i didn’t really know how to fit in or even start,

…… how was i even going to pull through,?

I never thought of me making it in life, i just wanted my kids to be fine, that was my ultimate goal….

All i knew to do was to love my kids immensely and give them all of me & that inspired me to keep moving..

Today i look back & all i want to say is thank you Lord.

It’s never to late to start all over again…… it will be tough but you will be fine ..

There is always light @ the end of the tunnel”


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