What People Learn About You From The Colour Of Your Outfits

What People Learn About You From The Colour Of Your Outfits

Personality experts believe that the colours of the outfits you wear can provide subtle and discerning information about your personality. There is a reason why wearing blue can get you a job and why purple can put people off.

White Shows Organization

In order to keep an all-white ensemble crisp and clean, the wearer must be at the top of his or her game. If you are the type of person who falls into this category, try it out on a job interview in a creative field, or to dinner with your parents.

There’s no better way to show them how organised you are through your choice of clothing.

Black Conveys Authority

Wearing black from Head-to-toe signals power and authority. The colour is both slimming and versatile. It makes you appear elegant and chic, when worn on a date and signals authority at work.

What People Learn About You From The Colour Of Your Outfits
Black Conveys Authority

Of course, black is also associated with mourning and sadness. The colour could even be linked to aggressiveness. One study of NHL teams found that teams wearing black jerseys get the most penalties. It’s unknown whether that’s because wearing the colour makes a player more aggressive, or that officials have an unconscious bias against black.


Wearing Blue Says “Hire Me!”

According to a Career Builder survey of 2,099 hiring managers, interviewees wearing blue were considered team players. Navy blue is considered one of the best colours to wear on a job interview simply because the colour symbolizes relaxation, loyalty, confidence, and control.

Red May Result In Romance

Years of research suggest that crimson hues should not only be reserved for Valentine’s Day. One particular study showed male participants photos of women wearing various colours and asked how much they’d spend on a date with her. As it turns out, the men were willing to spend more cash on the ladies in red.

What People Learn About You From The Colour Of Your Outfits
Red May Result In Romance

Gray Can Help You Blend In

If you don’t want to be noticeable, grey should be your go-to colour. Experts say the colour is subtle and unassuming without being overly conservative. As such, wearing this colour can help you keep an office-friendly vibe without defaulting to black.

Purple Can Be Discomforting

Due to the fact that violet tones rarely appear in nature, purple usually appears artificial. Historically, this made it the colour of royalty and power, especially as a result of the cost of the dye originally used to produce it.

However, purple could induce discomfort. If you’re looking at making people comfortable around you either on a date or job interview, stay away from purple.

Green Sparks Creativity

Green appeases the human senses on a primitive level. It tells us that we are safe in a fertile, water-rich environment, above freezing temperatures, and with enough food to survive. Natural shades of green are calming and reassuring.

One study found that the colour could even spark inventiveness. Participants were given two minutes to come up with as many uses for a tin can as they could. Before they began, half the group was shown a white rectangle, and the other half a green one.

Participants in the green group came up with the more interesting, imaginative answers.


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