#hopeforthenation: Which direction is Nigeria heading?

#hopeforthenation: Which direction is Nigeria heading?

As a child, for years I have hoped for a change in my country, Nigeria. Day after day, night after night my hope and faith kept falling short.
Years after it is even worse than before. An average of 90% of me is fear. Fear for my life, I keep seeing terrifying stories that break my heart seriously, which is basically on insecurity in Nigeria.

Kidnapping is an everyday story now in Nigeria, some for ritual and some for ransom demands. This is disheartening.
The problem of this country is lying with whom we claim to be the future “the youth”. Young girls cannot move freely in the society because their lives appear to always be in danger because of a particular group of youths called ‘Yahoo extra’, ‘Yahoo plus’, ‘Yahoo plus plus’ etc.

#hopeforthenation: Which direction is Nigeria heading?
Young lady found dead with some body parts missing in what looked like a ritual killing

The parents have a huge part to play in this, as a parent, ask yourself this: am I doing a good job the way I’m raising my children? The kind of seeds sown will produce fruits of the same replica.

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The government, parents and youths have fallen short of their responsibilities to the country, Nigeria. The northern part, eastern part as well as southern part of the country knows no peace. Killings here and there, internally displaced people everywhere whose homes have been destroyed. Kids displaced from their homes with nowhere to call home, kids who have no experience of what a beautiful childhood is. Where is the government of the country? The citizens of Nigeria are suffering. Where is the commander in chief? What is he commanding?

#hopeforthenation: Which direction is Nigeria heading?
Internally displaced children

Nigeria gained independence over sixty years ago, where is the development with all the resources God has given us? All I see is backwardness. Prices skyrocket and never come back down. Where is the wage/salary to pay for them? Nigeria is drowned in debt, yet nothing to show for it. Amongst the citizens lies those who can buy Nigeria with “their money”.

Yet we ask why the youths have gone rogue, what future are they looking forward to?

#hopeforthenation: Which direction is Nigeria heading?

Looking at the present state of the country, the youths have lost all sense of moral uprightness and all they have is the thirst for money because they don’t see hope for the country. Where is the government to provide hope?
Thousands of students enter universities every year, thousands of students graduate every year, where are the job opportunities provided for them? Even if there is no opportunity for white-collar jobs, where is the conducive atmosphere to become an entrepreneur? Because of course, everyone can’t get a white-collar job.

It doesn’t just depend on the government, it also depends on you and me. What are you doing about it? I need a change, we all need a change. Start the change from where ever you are, we all have it in us to impact a change.

Written by: Aderonke Ojedokun


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