From “God when” to “God abeg” – Woman who ones bragged about her boyfriend’s love for her and called him the best shows injury he inflicted on her (video)


A Young lady identified as Crystal with the TikTok handle @itsmechristalee has gone viral with a video she earlier posted explaining her ordeal in the hands of a man she once hailed as “the best in the world”.

The beginning of the video shows her happy moments with the young man who goes by the name of Jordan.

Describing Jordan as a man who has changed her life in so many ways, the young lady noted that she won’t regret ever meeting him.

When the ‘going was good’ in their relationship, Cristal spoke about how much he’s changed her life and how talented and smart he is.

However, on November 24, an altercation occurred and he beat her up, leaving her with a bleeding nose and swollen eye.

Watch the video below:


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