Cooking: Why Should the Man Be in the Kitchen?

Cooking: Why Should the Man Be in the Kitchen?

Men cook, we know! And some cook very well because they were properly taught by their mothers or fathers. Mothers teach their boys to cook because they don’t want any girl to make iyanga for their sons.

Yet why is it that when we see a man cooking for his lady, it looks special or even abnormal? We throw jibes at the lady, asking her what she is there for while her husband is cooking. We question the manhood of the man asking if he belongs in the kitchen.

A newly wedded couple, who is hopelessly in love with each other, go to the market to buy vegetables, meat and pepper. The market women start to shame the man by asking what he is doing in the market following the woman. Could it be that he is trying to monitor how the wife spends money, they ask.

We tie the total worth of the woman to performance in the kitchen and if peradventure, her husband cooks better, we say, “And you are a woman o!

There are homes in Nigeria where the wife is indifferent towards cooking or hates cooking and the husband gladly makes the meals in the home. You know they exist, I know it too.

Being an only child, I was raised by my Mom to do all chores, so the issue of only the wife (woman) should cook, clean, wash might be alien to me but I know it is not to most men, which is why today I join my voice to the #HeForShe campaign and remind our men that #GenderEquality is not just in the workplace but at home. We can find a good balance between office work and house chores, especially during this lockdown period.
I challenge my friends

Richar Mofe Damijo

There are families that whenever they intend on entertaining visitors, the husband cooks before the visitors arrive. But the wife serves when the visitors arrive. Thus creating the illusion that Madam has done them well when the truth is that Oga is the one deserving of the praises.

In Nigeria, we attach so much importance to a woman’s performance in the kitchen. It is surprising how Nigeria women are not clinching all the international cooking competition prizes.

Don’t get me wrong, food is important. Everybody loves a palatable cuisine. But using that to determine a woman’s worth is total nonsense and should be treated as such.

If women were made to be custodians of the kitchens, God would have sent them to the world with a ladle in one hand and Knorr cubes in the other. Cooking is a basic skill we learn on earth and everyone irrespective of their gender should know how to make some meals. It is a lifesaver, learning how to cook but it should never be used as a yardstick to measure one’s worth. Especially a woman’s.

Isn’t it interesting to note that amongst the 2020 world’s top ten chefs, none of them is a woman? Alexa, please play me:

*Ile awa dun, oko ni s’ebe*


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