#BBNaija: Prince may become the new head of house after the 8th attempt


—It’s the 8th week of the show and Prince now seems to be the most appropriate person for the position of head of house.

The ‘Head of house’ challenge is the most anticipated event of the Big brother Naija show. And it comes up on the show every Monday evening.

The Big brother Naija show started in July with the beautiful and gorgeous housemate, Nengi emerging as the first head of house. While Nengi was the head, Whatoni was the deputy, the only female deputy so far.

The following week, another female housemate emerged as the new head of house in the person of Lucy. But Since Big brother now insists that every new head of house must now choose a deputy of the opposite gender, she chose Prince. Prince is generally cool and being the deputy head of house for the first time puts in the position of power.

Fast forward to week 7, Erica, the widely acclaimed ‘most beautiful’ housemate won the head of house challenge for the second time.

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But what stops Prince himself from being the head of house really?

The head of house has the final say in the house in decision making, but that is not the only advantage. One other benefit of this position is the immunity attached to it for the whole week. The head of house has no fear of eviction as the general public vote for their favorite housemates. The four least voted housemates are automatically up for possible eviction for the week.

For these and some other benefits, every housemate in their normal self should strive to emerge as the head. Prince tried!

At every challenge, every blessed week, you would see the former Mr. Nigeria give his best in the game. But it became glaring that for this game, you need all the luck you can get.

Let’s take a look at the very first challenge

For the game generally, you need to throw a die and obtain a ‘6’ before you could move on in the game. Look at Laycon for instance, he made several attempts at the die but in the end, he couldn’t just get a ‘6’. Tough luck you’d say. Eric met the same fate the following week.

But Prince‘s kind of fate is a bit different as he often gets to the top-five position. In fact, in one such game, he got the highest point. but before he could say Jack Robinson, Big brother disallowed the points and was asked to replay. Of course, he didn’t later win. Kiddwaya won that particular game instead.

The magic that happened in week seven

Although for Erica, it is rather a tragedy but for Prince, this is like that magic that happens before you could lift a finger. The incumbent head of house got her third strike and was subsequently disqualified from the show. We can’t say it’s good news but it is what it is!

Prince immediately became the ‘acting’ head of house, hurray!

Erica had too little to drink during the Saturday night party and got carried away in her emotions. She dragged a few of the housemates and wouldn’t even let her deputy share her bed. She even went as far as pouring water on his side of the bed. Anyway, she got disqualified for her actions and Prince became the head in her stead.

Now, can Prince continue as the head of house for the next week?

Erica, now an ex-housemate was disqualified on the last day of her tenure and Prince could only act as the head for a day and a half. It is almost time for another challenge. Now the question is: Can Prince eventually emerge as the head of house now that he has had a day’s taste of power? Will he give that extra push or still wait completely on his luck to shine?

The likes of Ozo and Erica won it twice. Lucy won it once, Kiddwaya and Nengi did the same without much stress.

The best time to win this challenge is now. For Prince, it should really be now!

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