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#BBNaija: Laycon, Erica and the Kiddwaya’s Strategy

by Sola Legend

Recently we saw Terry Waya, the billionaire father of BBNaija’s Kiddwaya make a sweet promise. Terry promises to give out half of the prize money to charity should his son Kiddwaya ever win this season ofthe annual show. He also promises to give the other half to the recently disqualified housemate, Erica.

You would recall that Erica was disqualified last Sunday after getting her third strike on the show. Her disqualification brought tears to the face of her die-hard fans and also drew the attention of the business mogul.

The cash prize for the fifth edition of the show is eighty-five million Naira. This implies that Erica is be entitled to forty-two million, five hundred thousand Naira. But this is only if Kiddwaya wins, and that is the strategy.

So what if Kiddwaya does not win the cash price?

Terry Waya is a supposed billionaire and the son is also assumed to be wealthy. These ones don’t need the cash price for anything. Kiddwaya himself once said that his father built his first house at the age of nineteen, he has been making huge money before he(Kiddwaya) was born. The money is obviously not the problem here but the bragging right.

Imagine what finishing top-5 would do to the ‘Waya’s‘ name. Of course, no one knew the Waya’s or their affluence before this season of Big brother Naija. Now imagine what Kiddwaya winning the game would do to it.

You would agree with me that having money and having power are two different things.

The glaring strategy that might work

From all indications, Laycon and Erica seem to have the largest fanbases so far.

It’s now four days after Erica’s disqualification and she presently has 25 000 USD in her ‘gofundme‘ account. The rate at which her fans are funding this account simply shows their undying love for her. Her fans will go the extra mile to support their beauty queen.

One other thing that we might observe is that some of Erica‘s fans are now secretly supporting Laycon because of the manner of Erica‘s exit from the house which includes body-shaming and being unnecessarily saucy.

Here is the supposed plan

  • Now that Erica is out of the house, how do we divert some (if not all) of her fans to Kiddwaya‘s?
  • How do we achieve the same with Laycon‘s fans?

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Kiddwaya is up for possible eviction this week and considering the caliber of people he is up against, going home is around 75% guaranteed. With the likes of Prince, Dorathy, and Ozo, to escape eviction if two persons are to be evicted would be extremely difficult. He might have a second chance if only one person is to be evicted since he and Prince appear to have the same amount of following. Dorathy and Ozo on the other hand, are on a different lane.

One might think that the Instagram live chat with Dele Momodu a day ago was totally unnecessary. But Terry ‘Tersoo’ Waya knows just what he is doing.

We shouldn’t argue with the fact that Kiddwaya has done well for himself in the house. He brings his own bit of drama and adds that needed comedy without even trying. His unexpected dive at the arena games two weeks ago was legendary. The dude is good too and also has a considerable amount of followings outside Biggie’s house.

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But to be in the top-5 or even emerge as the overall winner, he needs so much more. In the house, he can only do so little but outside of big brother’s house, he needs his father and these strategic moves.

Can Terry Waya make it happen?

Will Kiddwaya survive Sunday’s eviction?

Only time will tell.

Kindly share and let me know if I left anything out.

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